Lifepoint Research has significant experience in running and supporting clinical trials for Oncology in India. In fact, LIFEPOINT RESEARCH has one of the largest networks of investigative sites and investigators in India, including some of the countries leading Oncology investigators and centers. As you may know, India is also home to one of the world’s largest cancer populations with over 1.5M new cases annually and an estimated total prevalence of 2.5M. Many patients are treatment naive and non-transient. These factors typically result in shortened enrollment times.

In 2000, nearly 800,000 cases were diagnosed and 550,000 people died of cancer. Tobacco-related cancers account for almost one-third of all cancers in India, predominantly head and neck, lung, and esophageal cancers. Indian women most commonly suffer from cervical, uteri and breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer in India is increasing with an estimated 80,000 new cases diagnosed annually. Unfortunately, Indian patients do not seek early diagnosis. More than 70% of all cancers in India are found when the disease is so advanced that treatment is much less effective.

Using sophisticated databases of detailed site information, demographics and epidemiology data we can quickly determine if India is the right fit for your study. In addition, LIFEPOINT RESEARCH can quickly mobilize a team of experienced project managers to conduct a study feasibility analysis and determine the appropriate sites and availability of patients. We have significant experience in the area of Oncology and we are confident that we can assist you with your next study. Contact our business development team today to learn more!